Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are Lawyers Parasites?

     Do we live, prosper, and feed on the misfortune of others?  Do Personal injury attorneys livelihood depend on the unfortunate accidents and pain of john q public?

     How many times have you heard a lawyer say, "We have a great new case today, good damages, great injuries, lots of exposure...".   i.e.  --your pain and suffering from a life changing debilitating injury brings a smile to the avarice of the typical personal injury lawyer, aching to climb on your back to join the local "million dollar" award club!   The dehumanized moneymaking avarice of the profession is well know.  Why must it be this way.

Can lawyers maintain their humanity before the all corrupting dollar?  Is your injury our meal ticket?
Are we parasites.
The truthful and simple answer is yes.   Only some attorneys retain their professionalism, and put honor and trust, good motives and justice, before the all mighty dollar.  I am one of those attorneys.  Are you?

Jay H. Bernstein
 Dec 7, 2010

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