Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Volunteer Teacher; Newark Public School. Why Schools are FAILING!

(Jay Bernstein, Volunteer Citizen Teacher, MLK Middle School, Newark NJ, 12/7/2010).
   **"Ideas regarding Educational reform per my talk (after class) with young teachers in Newark NJ MLK middle school this evening-- 

 Main Variables/Factors effecting Education (per the young idealistic citizen teachers):

A. Parental involvement is the biggest variable differentiating high performing vs failing school districts in Newark NJ, with the same ethnic or social- economic background.

B. A strong Principal fostering an atmosphere of order, accountability, encouraging and watching teacher class development...and simple order among students (vs free for all chaos in MKL school, where I volunteer at night). 

C. Experienced devoted and expert teachers, mixing excellent teaching skill, lesson plan development and classroom control....
This is the agreed opinion of the Citizens School (aka Teach for America, Peace Corps types) who run the 3pm to 6pm after school program under Boston University's "Citizen's School" program.Jay b.
Most impt factor is parental involvement, without that everything else fails. (jb disc with stud. Teachers tonight in worse perf school in usa,mlk skl newk nj)
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Cynthia Hathway Avallone Martinez AMEN to my dear brother in teaching the hardest group... love from one in the same boat (Inner city, Low econ, low parental involvement). about 1/4 of my kids have prob officers already.4 hours ago ·
  • last, limits on tenure.
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  • Jay H Bernstein alot of times my apprentice class of 11 is free for all; even with a giant male tough teacher as my aid.... but when I sit with just 3 kids at a time...the connection and effort and progress is Amazing!!!..... what is the answer for the worst performing school in the nation (MLK middle school newk nj)?
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  • Cynthia Hathway Avallone Martinez (expert Math teacher, California)
    ‎3 to one student ratio! If I can get a small group to look at me in the eye, etc, then they focus and learn. These kids who don't have the parental involvement don't know how to sit and listen. they were probably never read to, never ha...d to sit and listen to dad or mom by working side by side either fixing something around the house or working in the kitchen. These kids are starved for attention!!! Of course there are some that work no matter what, but the "drama" that these kids bring to school with them is amazing also. I applaud you from across the continent!!! I would love to have more men like you step up and help after school, that would make the world a better place.See More

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  • Jay H Bernstein Thanks, but it is So hard. You do it all week, month year!!
    the key i hear at school is your line; "THE KIDS ARE STARVED FOR ATTENTION.." that's why they act out....but I did the same... well not to the same extent...why?

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