Monday, October 17, 2011



  1. America lives in a dichotomy.
    Our legal tradition and laws protect and defend the individual rights of each person , Espousing a Full litany of political, civil and criminal law with respect for the rights of the individual ....With freedom of expression, religion, and thought. Our common-law system with a deep embedded respect for human rights, Espouses 'due process' before any of our rights can be taken away... Or our freedoms impinged.
    Yet in the averse, our economic system has no regard for the individual; The individuals right to live in freedom from fear of economic failure.
    The right to a decent job, decent wage, a home or apartment, education through college free for children, a decent life and free healthcare. The rights espoused by Pres. T. Roosevelt before he died in 1945, and proposed in a new bill of "economic" rights.
    Today our economic system is based on the greater good of the whole, the efficient running of the Economy, stock market and the macro-economic structure of banking, Finance and capital. The individual is left to flounder, the 7 to 10% to 17% unemployed ---suffer enormously and our system has no respect for each of these thousands of individual workers and their families. Our safety nets are full of holes as attested by my clients every day in court.
    Communist countries and fascist countries state that their purpose is for the good of the whole, the good of the community and trounce individual rights. Our capitalist semi-fascist system in the Western world, does the same to the individual economic unit, with simple disregard of the rights of the individual to have a job and make a decent living with Firm ironclad protections of that right.

    Our economic sense of justice must must catch up to our political justice , if we are to thrive and survive.

    If you have ever been unemployed or fired you understand the fallacy of our system and the simple disregard of the individual Human being's Economic well being.

    The American capitalist system has driven the greatest amount of people to the greatest amount of wealth in history and this capitalist system is now turning the Chinese people from poverty to prosperity.

    But this engine leaves too many people behind at the station! suffer--and contrary to our political respect for the individual; Our systems
    economic respect is poultry.

    j Bernstein February 21, 2013

  2. Chapter 2
    the goal: full employment, how to achieve this human right.

    The former Soviet Union had full employment. At the expense of basic human rights and through the inhumane totalitarian communist dictatorship; But it did have full employment, and held anyone not working, to be a parasite against the state.
    But again at the price of human dignity, and the human soul, ...And the key and crucial right of freedom!

    So how do we get to full Employment without sacrificing the rights of the individual?

    I don't know yet but will think on it and invite you to join me!