Sunday, September 7, 2014


"Human centric verse capital centric economic policy."

Jay Bernstein September 5, 2014

We live in a society that places limited value on human individuals, especially in their economic potential and Basic economic rights: right to full employment, right to a job, a decent home, healthcare, free education -including college. 

In this age of globalization, we live in a capital centric economic world.   Capital flows to where the return is greatest, worldwide; leaving empty gutted rusted out factories, mass pockets of permanent unemployment, and destroyed lives in its wake.

--manufacturing and-factory workers cannot be reeducated for the new start up IT economy and their lives (and the lives of their families and children)are permanently injured, and destroyed forever when the jobs disappear.

The train, the engine of private capitalism must be glued to the rails of full employment--people cannot be fired and discarded from the train merely for the sake of increased profit margin.

This week in Atlantic City, New Jersey -- the Showboat casino closed, throwing out 2000 people who will never find the same high-paying job with benefits.

  yet the Bergen record paper reports that The Showboat turned a profit every year --big profit --and never lost money!

The owner -Caesars -merely close the casino to consolidate and boost profit margin on three of its other casinos in the area; not because the Showboat ever was unprofitable in anyway.

Capital centric policies replaced human centered (human-centric) policies; destroying probably 2000 families in a depressed economic area with no hope of other replacement jobs.

Laws must be reformed.  The state must have a  say --saving jobs and putting human beings FIRST!

Possibly proven human centric economic policies such as"ESOP" (employee stock ownership plans where the employees purchase the entity and run it as equal owners) could have saved the 2000 jobs.

It is Time worldwide to Turn to  human centric Solutions to tackle economic problems, war, drought, Hunger, displacement, mass refugee crisis, disease ie (11,300 children die each day from preventable diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia etc.) and put ***humans***first not capital!

In France and Europe, workers are offered vast protections from being FIRED, and the law in France lists efforts a company must make to find another position or keep on workers....unless serious economic failure is imminent...

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